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About You...

You’re busy running your small business and you just can’t seem to see the wood for the trees.  You have several emails to respond to but you also need to arrange to visit some clients.  You also have a networking meeting coming up and you need to call your marketing guy.  You need to raise some invoices but there’s also that report to compile and you haven’t updated your blog in a while...

You’re just about keeping on top of things on the business front but things are falling behind at home.  You have school trips to pay for and it’s Fathers Day next week - you haven’t got a card, let alone bought any stamps.  The car insurance is due for renewal and the MOT needs scheduling.  The summer holidays are looming and you still haven’t booked anything.

If this sounds like you start a list of all the time consuming tasks that really don’t require your personal attention - you might benefit from outsourcing a few tasks to a Virtual Assistant to take care of while you re focus and tackle the more important things.

About Me...

Hi, my name’s Vicky, and with over 23 years’ experience in office settings I offer a highly professional, friendly and reliable PA service.

I'm a graduate that has worked in a number of different sectors including live events, design and education.  With a solid office background I can rescue you from drowning in the sea of paperwork by providing efficient solutions to your admin problems.

Over the years I’ve worked for different organisations where I’ve managed people and offices and worked on events and projects both autonomously and as part of a team.

It is a fact that sometimes people need help with their admin: whether that be small businesses who are struggling with what to do next , business start-ups who can’t afford an employee, or private clients who are so busy running their own business they don’t have time for their household admin -  I can help.

I'm based in Surrey and am able to work remotely from my home office or locally on site, tailoring my service to your specific requirements.

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