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I started Principal VA Services with small and entrepreneurial business owners in mind.  Having mainly worked for small and medium sized companies I know first hand how hard it is to keep on top of things. 

The list of things to do is endless and it's tempting to try and do everything yourself to keep costs down.  A lot of time is required to run a successful venture, and eventually you may find yourself spending most of your time dealing with the day to day tasks which interrupt you from focusing on the business itself.  Using the services of a VA will free you up to concentrate on business or spend time with your family and friends.

I'll help with the secretarial support required to run your business effectively.  At Principal VA Services I offer administrative support; this could be help with replying to emails, invoicing your clients, customer service or internet research.  Hiring me gives you the ability to utilise the service when you need it and not to have the additional expense of an employee.  With no tax, NI or pension contributions to pay a VA can be a very cost effective solution. 


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"I would like to enthusiastically recommend the work of Vicky as a personal assistant for anyone looking for a professional service with a friendly touch.”


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