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“I've heard it said that you can spend on average 2-3 hours per day on tasks that could easily be delegated.”



That's potentially two whole days per week you could be spending working on your business rather than working at it.


At Principal VA Services I offer full administrative support depending on your requirements. I'll carry out the daily tasks necessary to operate your business effectively.  Because I handle the admin, you're able to focus on generating revenue.


I can filter your emails or work locally from your office if the need arises.  Whilst I'm working for you I'll be a representative for your company.  I'll stay in touch by email and phone.   Delegating work enables you to concentrate on the reasons you set up your business in the first place. 

Hiring your VA...

There are many different VA's to choose from online, but hiring a one doesn't need to be a daunting task.  

Just like hiring any other employee look for one who you think can fulfill your requirements.  You can hire more than one VA for different tasks.


Only you can decide whether to hire an agency VA or someone independent.


Some offshore VA agencies offer very cheap prices but be aware of time zone differences, however this could work to your advantage.


Virtual Assistant
  • Be clear from the outset what tasks you want your VA to carry out and why.  Make sure they have the experience and skillset you're looking for.


  • Ensure that you're clear with your instructions and are available to answer queries.  Let them know how many hours work are required and what the deadline is.  


  • Depending on the duties you assign you may need to provide access to your online and cloud accounts.


  • Whilst VA's and PA's perform many duties they are not psychic!  Not all businesses work in the same way, so be prepared to spend some time training your VA and bringing them up to speed.


  • Check in with your VA every now and again so she or he doesn't feel abandoned.  We may work remotely but we still need to build a rapport.​


  • VA's have a large network.  If your VA doesn't possess a particular skill likely she knows someone who does.

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